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January 25th, 2007

Website moved

For many years my IF website has been at http://emshort.home.mindspring.com/. Lately, things had gotten to the point where making that look nice and also contain all the content I wanted was a bit overwhelming, so I tried redoing the thing in iWeb.

Glurg. This was a mistake: iWeb pages have horrible, *horrible* CSS underlying, and besides, it quickly became a bore having to rebuild and reupload the website every time I wanted to change anything; iWeb doesn't seem to cope as nicely with incremental updates if you're not using a .mac account.

Upshot: I spent some time investigating my options, and I've moved to a Wordpress site:


This has almost all of the same information as the iWeb site, slightly moved around; on the other hand it gets rid of some display issues, lets me be slightly more flexible, and raises the storage ceiling on what I can have on my site. (Back when I joined mindspring, 10MB seemed like kind of a lot, you know?)

If this turns out to suck for some reason, I still have the ability to put things back to the way they were. But so far I'm liking this system. I've stuck a bunch of redirects into the mindspring.com site to try to prevent 404s on the most commonly linked-to pages, but if I missed something and you find yourself wondering what happened to my website, that's what.

Final note: I'm not devoted body and soul to the particular appearance I wound up with here, but one of the nice things about wordpress is that I can go back and slap a new CSS theme on it later if need be. I just haven't obsessed too much over the look of it yet.

March 1st, 2006

[ANNOUNCE] Three games in Inform 7

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February 1st, 2006

Testing sought

This is a somewhat experimental piece: I decided I wanted try writing a game in which the player spends a lot more of his time moving around and a lot less on object-examining (as against the usual game I write). So it has a large map -- over 50 rooms, which for me is huge -- but with relatively few items; and there's a lot of streamlining (objects taken are automatically examined if they haven't been before, to save the player a step; GO TO (any visited room), FIND (any previously seen object), ROOMS and OBJECTS inventories to review what you've already encountered). For all its physical breadth, it is still what I would consider a small-to-medium piece.

I have also been playing with features to make it novice-friendly, including detailed instructions, some parser cleverness to handle certain standard newbie mistakes, very detailed adaptive hints (probably still buggy at this point, but we are trying), and (if the player wants) turn-by-turn guidance pointing out important commands.

If you're interested in having a look sometime during the next few days to a week, let me know and I'll set you up with a copy.

If you're one of the .5 people who read this journal and have never tried any interactive fiction, you're still welcome to give it a shot -- in fact, your feedback would be extra-valuable.

[Update: Thanks to everyone's generosity, I think I've got a full crew now.]
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